A new look for Franklin Street Arterial? Yes please!


If you’ve been downtown you’ve seen Franklin Street.  It’s the huge (for Portland!) 4-lane behemoth of a street that effectively cuts the East End off from the rest of civilization.  A lively Italian neighborhood (Portland’s version of Little Italy) was bulldozed to bring us this gem of urban planning. There are no sidewalks, it’s a pain to cross and it divides our fair city!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a city-backed movement afoot to discuss the redesign of Franklin Street….

Possibilities include making it narrower, more pedestrian friendly, even encouraging the development of buildings that face the street to lessen the monotony.  We are huge supporters of this and eagerly await the ideas and plans that many dedicated citizens are proposing!

To read more about the Franklin Street redesign, click below:

Franklin Reclamation Authority – For more information about participating in this process!

New look envisioned for arterial
(Portland Press Herald, 4/30/09)

Fixing Franklin Arterial (Vigorous North, 4/17/07)


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