Portland Adds Moped & Motorcycle Parking Downtown

https://i2.wp.com/www2.pictures.fp.zimbio.com/Pink+Riding+Motorcycle+Los+Angeles+I5cRjeLLTy7l.jpgBeginning this week, the City of Portland’s Public Services Department will begin posting new parking spaces available for mopeds and motorcycles only in the downtown area. The thirty-one new spaces will offer up to ten hours of free parking for two-wheel vehicles. The addition of these new dedicated spaces will help alleviate parking congestion downtown by freeing up spaces for cars and make it easier for commuters using vehicles like mopeds and motorcycles to find a space.  

https://i2.wp.com/www.fushionmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/vespa_scooter.jpgEncouraging commuters to use a moped or motorcycles can reduce traffic congestion downtown and help in the city’s efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption and avert greenhouse gas emission. Dedicating motorcycle and moped parking spaces is also a safe and legal way to ensure that two-wheeled vehicles are properly parked on the street.

Crews are currently posting new parking signs and painting space lines at the dedicated spots and expect to complete the installation this month. Seven motorcycle and moped parking spaces are already available on Temple Street at the intersection with Free Street.    


 The other spaces to be added in late June are: 

  • Bramhall Street at Hill Street (4 spaces)
  • Commercial Street at Union Wharf (6 spaces)
  • Congress Street at Myrtle Street (2 spaces)
  • High Street between Spring Street and Congress Street (4 spaces)
  • Myrtle Street at Congress Street (2 spaces)
  • Silver Street at Fore Street (3 spaces)
  • State Street at Deering Street (3 spaces)
  • Temple Street at Free Street (7 spaces)



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