PDD’s Downtown Guide Program is in Full Swing!

Meet The Guides

The guides are always supportive of their supervisor!

Marta Hurgin: Downtown Guide Supervisor, The Boss

Marta is a recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine and is in her third summer at PDD. She enjoys telling bad jokes, running (slowly), golfing, and being passionate about Maine. She is a seasonal vegetarian since she finds it hard to resist Maine seafood in the summer. Her favorite thing about Portland is…everything.

The guides are always supportive of their supervisor!

Taylor Pennels: Guide, Official PDD Dog Greeter

Taylor graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Biology. She is in her second summer with us as a senior guide. She enjoys spending time on the Maine State Pier looking for cute dogs and walking the perimeter of the district working on her farmer’s tan. She has recently begun playing golf in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams. She always has a smile and a great laugh. Her favorite thing about Portland is sitting by the ocean and watching the boats and fishermen.

Kristan Brown: Guide, Glam Guide

Kristan is in her second summer working for PDD and graduated from USM with a degree in Communications. She is always looking good in her polo and large sunglasses. Her goal this summer is to try as many new things as possible, which includes trying not to shop on a daily basis. Her golf game is in full swing (pun intended) this summer. Her favorite thing about Portland is the Farmer’s Market on a sunny Wednesday.

Sarah Cilley: Guide, Tats Guide

Sarah is a Junior at MECA getting her degree in ceramics. She has the distinction of being the guide with the most tattoos. But don’t let them fool you, she is also one of our most friendly. She spends her time trying to find time to ride her new road bike and spend time with her boyfriend.

Angelika Schechter: Guide, History Buff Guide

Angelika comes to Portland from Montreal and is excited to be spending more time downtown. She is a recent newlywed and enjoys spending time with her new husband, finding new places to eat in Portland. She is full of great ideas for improving this city and is a big enthusiast about the Portland Observatory (her previous employer).

Colleen Costello: Guide, Jewelery Expert

Colleen has spent many years living and working in downtown Portland, most recently at Lovell Designs. She is an experienced jewelery designer and our go to gal for advice on accessories. She also works part-time at Whole Foods and we are always hoping for some great samples! She loves meeting new people and being outside.

Sarah Walker: Guide, Photo Expert

Sarah is a Portland, Maine enthusiast. She spent a summer working a Portland Lobster Company which is great for answering our most asked question; “Where can I get the best lobster roll?”. She spent time with us last summer greeting cruise ship passengers and got great practice handing out thousands of maps. Her favorite thing about Portland is all the great things to do.

Look for us downtown and say Hi!


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