Weekend Round Up

Check out a few great things to do downtown this holiday weekend!

Thursday: Vignola Oyster and Wine Tasting. Vignola. 6 -8 PM. $25.

You deserve a little pampering so treat yourself to some oysters and wine at Vignola. Never had an oyster? Well, me neither. But I’m guessing a good way to try one is at the skillful hands of Chef Lee Skawinski.

oysterP.S. Don’t forget next week is our first Alive at Five in Monument Square.

Friday: First Friday Art Walk. Throughout Portland. 5 – 8 PM.

Who cares about the rain anyway? We’re Mainers dammit and you better believe we’ll art walk in inclement weather. That being said, we desperately hope it’s sunny. Whatever the weather we can guarantee that the art and company will be great. More information at  http://www.firstfridayartwalk.com.

Saturday: Fireworks (duh). The Eastern Prom. 9ish PM.

Yeah we know the Eastern Prom isn’t technically in the district but it’s the Fourth and we need some fireworks. Before the fireworks we recommend getting a delicious bite to eat at one of the fabulous restaurants in the Old Port or Arts District. Happy 4th.


Sunday: Relax.

It’s the weekend of the Fourth and the weather looks semi-decent. So enjoy your family and friends and the great city of Portland. Come downtown for brunch or to entertain your out of town guests. We’re always here for you.



One response to “Weekend Round Up

  1. iloveportlandmaine

    If I might add…Grucci’s of New York is producing the Fireworks display this year. They are awesome and very good. Four Olympic games and US Presidential Inaugurations have featured their works.

    Enjoy the show! Most importantly, visit your local businesses throughout the day and evening prior to the festivities.


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