Meet The PDD Staff

These people are what make Portland’s Downtown District so great…

Jan Beitzer. Executive Director. Actually the real Boss.

Jan runs the show at PDD and keeps everything on track. We’re pretty sure she has more connections than the mafia at this point. She makes sure Portland is a great place for businesses, locals and tourists which, as you can imagine, is no easy task. She’s certainly embracing becoming a true Mainer by acquiring a new dog, Subaru and camp in her three years being here. We’re pretty sure checking the weather constantly is another sign she might be a Mainer for good. We’re grateful to have her at the helm.

Elise Loschiavo. Special Events and Public Relations Manager. In Charge of Fun.

Elise does it all at PDD by being in charge of all the fun events that keep us coming downtown. Even though sometimes her desk gets a little messy and her files end up in piles she always gets it all done. She’s the superwoman behind the Old Port Festival and Alive at Five. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, watching network television and making things from scratch. We’re pretty sure she recently even made AA batteries herself . Although from Pennsylvania originally she’s in Portland for good and we’re lucky to have her.

Katie Booker. Administrative Assistant and Special Projects Manager. The Fresh Face of PDD.

Katie is the face and voice of PDD. She’s perfected the art of answering the phone and all the crazy questions that come along with it. She also helps Elise make all of the events downtown run smoothly. Katie is from Vermont and that is the place that feels the most like home. She enjoyed going to school in the city and is getting used to life in our little city. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and getting up early to go for a swim. In a pool, not Casco Bay. We’re happy to have Katie on the team.

JC. PDD Mascot. By the way, he’s a dog.



JC has recently joined the PDD staff but he is by far the happiest employee we have. That being said he might also be the laziest. JC enjoys spending time finding a spot of sun to sleep in and waiting for a delicious treat. He loves Portland just as much as the rest of us.


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