Weekend Round Up

We are happy that we got another Alive at Five in while the rain held off. We are also very happy that everyone came out to enjoy the show with us. As always we greatly appreciate everyone that comes and very much so those that join us in the beer garden. We can’t wait to see you next week for All the Real Girls and The Leftovers!

Now let’s take a lot at other great things happening downtown.

Friday: Local Indie Songwriters. One Longfellow Square. 8 PM. $12.

Indie rock is the biggest thing in music right now. But the key to indie rock is to pretend that it’s too good for the masses to appreciate. However, we know that everybody would love the great music being played at one longfellow square tonight. Elijah Ocean, Dominic Lavoie, Gabrielle Raymond, Kyle Gervais, and Eric Betterncourt will be playing thier hearts out. Ironic mustaches, tight jeans, PBR pounders and small t-shirts are encouraged but not required.


Saturday: Crosby, Stills and Nash. Merrill Auditorium. 8 PM. $34 – $89.

We admit it, we still miss Young. That won’t stop us from being excited about the three great musicians left. This music isn’t just for the older generation who still yearn for the sixties. They make great music. period.

For those people looking for a smaller venue there will be a Zootz reunion at Port City Music Hall on Saturday as well. This is being held by fans of the former Portland dance club. We can’t say the music will be as classic as CS&N but the dance moves sure will be.


Sunday: We recommend coming downtown for a great brunch followed by shopping in the Old Port. We feel lucky we get to be down here everyday so let’s share the love about Portland.

Don’t forget to join us next week for all our free events dowtown.  Flamenco dancing on Tuesday in Congress Square. Kids Activity Day on Wednesday in Lobsterman’s Park. Weekday music series on Friday in Congress Square. See you there!


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