Signing and Sampling with Vermont Cheesemaker & Author!

Allison Hooper, a Vermont cheese maker and author of “In A Cheesemaker’s Kitchen,” will be at the Public Market House for a book signing. Attendees will also be sampling out her cheeses. Wednesday, May 26 from 10am to 2pm! The Public Market House is located at 28 Monument Square. Learn more at

“On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, co-founder of Vermont Butter and Cheese Company (VBC), Allison Hooper, wanted to celebrate the story of how she and her business partner, Bob Reese—against odds and well before ‘locavorism’ was the rage—bootstrapped a successful and sustainable business in cooperation with a network of Vermont farms, which since has grown considerably and helped usher in the artisan cheese movement in America.

IN A CHEESEMAKER’S KITCHEN (Countryman Press; Oct 10th, 2009; $19.95) is, in Allison’s words, a book ‘about surviving and thriving in a business doing what we love: make cheese for people who love food and love to cook.’ With that simple mission in mind, this tantalizing new cookbook introduces us to the art of cheese making and the award-winning products that have made VBC a hit with consumers as well as some of the world’s most accomplished chefs.”


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