Portland’s Downtown Directory in the palm of your hand…

You may be noticing little boxes with geometric patterns popping up in magazines, flyers, trade shows and bars… they are QR codes (Quick Response) that contain information, connecting the virtual world to the physical world.  Similar idea to a bar code at a grocery store.  All you need is a mobile device with a camera and a QR code reader (free app you can download to your phone) to access the information stored in the pattern. 

We have officially jumped on the technology bandwagon and created a QR code (above) for the Downtown Directories. Directories are printed every year for visitors and locals alike to find just about anything in downtown Portland. Now you don’t have to carry around the directory and flip through its pages (takes so much energy!) but access everything it has to offer right from your mobile device. Scan the QR code above and while you are walking the cobblestone streets of downtown Portland, quickly and easily find the nearest Ethiopian restaurant or Italian Gelato, a sale on tourmaline jewelry, or where to try on that elusive little black dress.

There is a mapping functionality to show where to find what you are looking for and additional functionalities will be added to the directory in the coming months. Some shops are currently posting sales, events, coupons and discounts proving this QR code holds everything downtown Portland has to offer. So snap it, take it with you and explore!

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