FREE music outside, in the sun, every week? Its Alive at Five Concert Series in Monument Square!

We love summer in Portland – who doesn’t! We trudge through some tough winter days and rainy (often brief) Springs, with our eye on the ball… the light at the end of the tunnel… summer in Maine.  The streets come alive with people out and about, restaurant patios are open, and decks throughout town are full of happy Portlanders.

One of the best, entertaining, fun, and FREE things to do when summer is finally here, is to head to Monument Square for Alive at Five.  Every Thursday from July 7th – August 4th, Portland’s Downtown District delivers live bands from 5pm-7:30pm right to your doorstep for free.  Just enough time to leave your day behind and start your evening off right with some tunes and fresh air.  When you want to do something outside and social but don’t have a wallet full of cash, or if you want to get friends together you havent seen since snow covered Monument Square, Alive At Five is here for you!

Each week hosts a different style of music, so if you want to rage with some psychedelic dirt-rock, swing dance your day away with big band music, or get nostalgic with folk, blues and soul melodies – Alive at Five Concert Series is has it all.

So put it on your summer calendar.  No commitment needed, no money required, (unless you want a cold beer from the Sebago Brewery beer garden) just show up and enjoy the gift of music and summer. 

The Mallett Brothers and Paranoid Social Club kick off the series this Thursday and a full list of Alive at Five band information can be found on the PDD website.

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